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More flexibility, improved security, higher productivity, fewer errors


Connecting the sales process with engeneering, production and purchasing.

In one software platform, the sales processes between the end customer, dealer and manufacturer are connected. The data exchange runs from sales to engeneering and automatic transfer to ERP via interfaces.


No instalation needed, 100% online, simple setup and maintenance

Intuitive and easy to use, requiring no installation and training for your customers. Make your sales process more efficient, faster and cheaper! Straighforward management of customer data, quick and reliable price calculation, simple ordering function – with Varialis configurator you save time and resources.


Quickly calculate prices, create offers and send orders

With Varialis configurator, you provide your customers with an out-of-the-box calculation solution that allows you to create appealing offers and place orders. The quick, simple and reliable calculation with Varialis helps not only your customers, but also empowers your employees.

One-click flow

Easy to reach your goal thanks to the guided calculation


Having the right information at the right time makes it easy to sell. Dynamic customization only displays combinable options that are relevant to the product. In this way, the user receives a reliable price quickly and easily.

The product selected and defined by the customer does not change until production.

From the first entry of the request, rewriting is no longer necessary because the data is automatically transferred to all further documents.


Due to the reliable mapping of the restrictions you specify, only products that are actually technically feasible, can be calculated. In this way, you can prevent errors in the quotation process and avoid unwanted surprises when you place your order.

(EVERY TIME RIGHT) The configurator ensures the correctness of the ordered products, since you cannot configure a product that is technically impossible.


Colored thumbnails make the selection easier and are therefore an important advantage when configuring the product. New users and end customers will also be able to make the right selection easily and safely with these selection aids.

In addition, all selected options are shown with a detailed technical description and presented in the offer document.


The special VARIALIS graphics generator dynamically adapts the product image to your configuration (dimensions, colors, selected options). The customer already sees a photo-realistic image of the product during the configuration process.

Your changes are immediately visible on the image. The finished image is displayed in the overview and in the offer document.

Different views of the product are also possible, e.g. inside view.


At the end you will have a configuration overview. You decide what is displayed in this overview. The configurator can be supplemented with a price list so that registered users can also see the price overview here.

You can add the configuration to the shopping cart or to the quotation document.

The configuration process allows you to save multiple configured products in a shopping cart or document.